Facility management software that’s easy for everyone to use.

Maintenance shouldn’t mean endless paper trails. Help your staff get organized and more productive so they can focus on what really matters.

  • Prioritize Work Orders
  • Assign Repairs to Technicians
  • Track Assets and Inventory
  • Increase Equipment Lifespan
Core Product

Work Order & Asset Management: What's Included

Work Orders & Assignments

Create, assign, and track orders. Easily assign work to your staff, departments and external vendors.

Preventive Maintenance

Be intentional with the management of your facilities by creating preventive maintenance tasks with auto reminders and assignments.

Robust Reporting Options

Our numerous detailed reporting options provide you the data you need to intentionally and effectively manage your facility.

Equipment Tracking

Track work order history, warranty information, item details and much more.

Vendor Portal

With the Vendor Portal, you can assign work orders directly to your preferred vendors and have them managed accordingly.

Text or Email Work Orders

Allow your staff to easily text or email in work orders directly to eSPACE so your facility manager can prioritize and assign as desired.

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"The eSPACE app has allowed us to move away from using paper notes on clipboards to an entirely digital system that we can use to track work order completion, as well as time of completion and who completed it.!"
Adam Duarte
Compass Bible Church

eSPACE Work Order & Asset Management

Manage and create work orders with ease using eSPACE Work Order & Asset Management. Easily track and assign preventative maintenance tasks to recur based on your preference. Transfer and set reminders for your inventory when running low and manage it all in one easy place!

Keeping up with all of the preventative maintenance at your facility can feel daunting at times. Make sure you are keeping track of everything that needs to be done proactively with our free preventative maintenance checklist!