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Smart Church Solutions is looking for a .NET software developer that is passionate about helping churches. Our eSPACE web application continues to grow as it provides facility and event management tools to churches and other organizations. We are a virtual company, so while there will be no commute, you’ll need to have a distraction-free place to work remotely. As with many small companies, we are fast paced. But that doesn’t mean the stress and pressure levels are high. Culture is a very important part of our company, and we believe high stress runs counter to that culture. 

Job Description

  • Develop, support, and maintain all aspects of facilities and event management product used by churches and spiritual organizations and schools to perform duties critical to their mission.

  • Provide support and maintenance of our client-exposed APIs.

  • Update and maintain SQL queries, tables, views, and stored procedures to efficiently handle production data.

  • Utilize Entity Framework in the data access layer to create and update entities.

  • Use LESS/CSS to create consistent and modern UI/UX designs and patterns throughout the product.

  • Engage in discussions and planning around product improvement and road map.

  • Help with tier 2+ support requests.

Technology Knowledge

  • .NET Framework (version 4.8)

  • C#


  • Bootstrap

  • HTML, CSS (preferably LESS), JavaScript and jQuery

  • Kendo (Telerik MVC)

  • Unity

  • LINQ

  • Entity Framework

  • MSSQL and T-SQL