Access Control System

Security and safety are critical elements for any organization. With the inclusion of SECURESPACE, you can now rest assured that your doors and access points will be locked and unlocked based on the actual schedule of your events. Create your event in eSPACE and know with confidence that the facilities will be accessible when needed and locked down when not occupied.

Powerful Access Control System

SECURESPACE: What's Included

Interfaces with the eSPACE Event Scheduler

Interface your Door Access system with the eSPACE Event Scheduler to save time and money.

Peace of Mind

Rest assured that your facilities are safe and secure. Automatically lock/unlock your doors based on the approved events in eSPACE, and manage it all in one place on the FACILITeSPACE Dashboard. For any events / doors you need to override, do so with ease on one simple dashboard!

Operational Savings and Efficiencies

Reduces manpower costs by eliminating the need to manually lock and unlock doors.

One-Stop Integration

With the suite of modules that FACILITeSPACE offers, you can access your integrated systems from a single dashboard.

Ongoing Support

eSPACE provides multiple levels of support. Low annual access cost.

Integrates with a Variety of Door Access Control Systems

SECURESPACE can Interface with many Door Access Control systems that have an API that can be accessed by eSPACE.

Door Access Control System Integration

Concerned about security or need a smarter solution for managing access across your facility?

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