Event Management Software to make your church run smoothly

Tired of the hassle caused by double bookings, miscommunications, and inefficient space usage? Look no further! Our Event Scheduling Software and Facility Rental Software offer a complete solution for seamless event management. From handling event requests and registrations to ticketing, payments, and even a user-friendly billing and invoicing feature for facility rentals, we’ve got it all covered. Say goodbye to those headaches and streamline your event management with our powerful software suite!

Event Management: What's Included

Our core Event Management Software is your one-stop solution for event management and efficient facility use

Manage Spaces, Resources & Services

Reserve the room(s) for your event, and also any resources or services that are required as well.

Public & Private Calendars

Allow users to see the full master calendar internally and even display your public events on your website.

Real-time Event Conflict Detection

Eliminate double booking issues and allow for the navigation of “conflicts” within the schedule in real-time.

Multiple Locations

Manage events across multiple locations. Allow users to have access to the location(s) they need to manage.

Custom Forms

The custom form-builder allows you to design and utilize online forms quickly and easily!

Robust Reporting

Our numerous reporting options provide you the data you need to effectively manage your events.

Public Request Forms

Customized public event request forms to allow external sources the ability to request use of your facility.

Custom Approval Logic

Set up multiple approval workflows to ensure your events follow the desired path of approvals.

User Permissions

Give your users access to what you’d like them to see, approve,
and manage.

Not all features available with every plan. Contact us for more information

Our Event Management Products

Learn more about our powerful additional tools below

System Integration

Billing and Invoicing

Use eSPACE anywhere on any device.

Our progressive web app ensures you can login to eSPACE from any device with display optimization based on whatever you are using.

Facility System Integration (IoT)

Smart loT Integrations Automated Based on Approved Events

Automatically schedule your HVAC, Digital Signage, Doors, and Lights based on the approved events on your calendar.


Integrate your HVAC with the eSPACE Event Scheduler to automatically control your units based on your approved event.

Digital Signage

Automate and manage your digital signage from the cloud pulling events automatically from your Event Scheduler.

Access Control

Rest assured that your doors and access points will be locked and unlocked automatically based on the approved events in your Event Scheduler.

Billing & Invoicing for Facility Rental

Powerful features of eSPACE Event Management Software

This new module allows you to manage rentals, billing, and invoicing processes for your facility easily from our church scheduling app.

Assign a dollar figure to every space or resource in your facility.

Send proposals and invoice directly through eSPACE.

Allows users to submit rental requests through a customized form.

Run reports on transactions that can filter by item.

Ability to create and sell customized products within eSPACE.

Manage all proposals, paid invoices, and outstanding invoices in one easy place.

“We are getting ready to roll out using eSPACE to all of our campuses during the course of the next two weeks – we are getting very excited!! The feedback from the Admins at each of the campuses has been very positive so far, so that is a great sign of a great product!”

Catherine Lorence

North Point Community Church

Event Scheduler Frequently asked Questions

No, you can use the Event Request Form found under settings -> advanced -> event request forms to allow users to request events without a login.

Yes, you can utilize services so you can book them with your event. You can even create custom forms that are required to fill out to book that service with any questions you’d like.

Yes, you can customize who is in charge of what by utilizing approval areas and subadmins. You can also turn on pre approvals or final approvals.

Yes- you can do so with our public calendar. Any event marked as “public” will then show on the calendar on your website.

Locations are the campuses while spaces are the rooms. You can also have parent spaces which may be the buildings, first floor, etc.

Yes, this can easily be done with the Billing and Invoicing add on module.

Affordable Event Management Software

Plans Start at just $60! A great value with no contracts.