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“We have been very pleased with the transition over to eSPACE. The software has helped us to be much more effective across six campus locations and managing work requests that originate from our 150+ clients. The Preventative Maintenance function makes future planning easy so that I can focus on the proactive responsibilities of my job, rather than trying to remember when the boiler inspection is due. The Life Cycle Calculator is also a valuable tool for budget planning. The support team is always available for our questions and responds typically by the end of day.”

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Having this software helps our facility team have a great overview of events in the near future and a great glimpse of things coming up to anticipate.
Amy A.
eSPACE is excellent, and is continuing to grow and improve, and will even be integrating with our church management software soon.
Brian B.
I love the ability to track all the things going on in my department and the unlimited number of users.
Gregory M.
eSPACE is a fantastic, user-friendly facility management software system. The customer service is outstanding.
Susan H.
It's been a very positive experience. We were looking for something to fix a difficult software experience that our users were facing and eSPACE has knocked it out of the park. The initial call we completed with eSPACE was incredibly helpful and the pricing also made it a no-brainer for us. Very happy we've made the switch.
Ease of function to do basic work order management. It's price is affordable too for a small organization. It is also flexible enough that you can manage not just facilities but also other parts of the operation.
Saving money by getting rid of clunky event software and implementing this great solution for the right price point