Facility Stewardship

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Facility Condition Assessment

Stewarding Your Facility For The Long Run

  • When was the last time your church had a “physical?”
  • How does your operational efficiency compare to national averages?
  • Do you have Deferred Maintenance?
  • Are you spending too much on utilities or too little on general maintenance?
  • Do you have adequate facility staff?

Let’s check the health of your facility and determine your current condition and life cycle costs. We’ll assess energy/operational efficiency, review benchmarks, assess deferred maintenance as well as project your inevitable long-term life cycle expenditures.

Facility Management Consulting and Training

  • Is your facility staff properly trained?
  • Have you implemented best practices for cleaning and maintaining your facility?
  • How is the culture of your facility staff?
  • Do you have a Facility Manager or just a maintenance person?

Other Consulting Services

Affordable Virtual Assessment For Any Size Church

Our Facility Health Assessment is a high level snapshot of the overall “health” of your facility based on specific measurable and benchmarked data points. There is not an onsite visit required or a 2-3 day site inspection by one of our Facility Stewardship Specialists.

What is Facility Stewardship?

Facility Stewardship is more than words strung together or a “cute” pairing of words. It is a methodology and intentional approach to stewarding facilities that have been entrusted to the steward. The term “Facility Management” is common but is limiting and myopic in its approach.

The term "Facility Management" is common but is limiting and myopic in its approach.

Stewardship is the careful and responsible leadership of something entrusted to one’s care, while management is solely the act or skill of controlling and making decisions. The practice of Facility Stewardship has a component of “management” but is a collection of interconnected services, educational offerings and products that drills down in the real heart of caring for and stewarding the built environment.

Components for the Facility Stewardship Methodology include but are not limited to:

Onsite and virtual training those entrusted with facilities to steward

Education courses and offering to add further continuing education and certification processes

Facility Condition Assessment to provide actionable assessments for the facility steward to process and address accordingly

Life Cycle Planning through a web based application to assist organizations address and plan for inevitable capital reserve requirements

Work Order and Asset Management software to efficiently address the operational aspects of an intentional stewardship program

Internet of Things applications that increases operational and energy efficiency for facility owners and operators

Event Management software to best steward the utilization of their facilities.

In summary, Facility Stewardship is a methodology and systematized process for efficiently and effectively stewarding ones physical facilities.

Why Your Church Needs Online Maintenance Tracking

Fed up with the pen-and-paper or sticky note approach to managing your most valuable physical asset, your facility? Discover the advantages of adopting a facility management software solution by downloading our comprehensive guide below:

Completed Facility Condition Assessments

“It showed us the deficiencies in our systems and processes (and lack of accountability) for maintaining our facilities that we as decision-makers could not see from our vantage point, and the functional and financial impact that was going to have”

Justin Greene

Liberty Live, Norfolk, VA

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