HVAC Integration

Heating and cooling your facility is costly. The two biggest factors that contribute to energy inefficiency, controls and behaviors, can send utility bills soaring and leave you and your congregation sweating. Deploying a smart HVAC solution can help you better control your heating and cooling solutions, saving you time and money. Integrate with the eSPACE Event Scheduler via a Building Automation Integration and/or WIFI Thermostats to utilize your systems only when events take place.

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COOLSPACE / HVAC System Integration: What's Included

Integrate your HVAC with the eSPACE Event Scheduler to automatically control your units based on your approved event.

Interfaces with the eSPACE Event Scheduler

Interface your HVAC systems with the eSPACE Event Scheduler to save time and money.

Only Use Your HVAC Systems When Rooms are Scheduled

COOLSPACE engages and disengages your HVAC system based on actual room usage and schedules.

Enter Your Event and Room Schedules Only One Time

Reduces manpower costs by reducing double entry of data or manual setting of HVAC controls.

Savings Abound

COOLSPACE can help save energy, labor costs, as well as “run time” and life cycle costs. In some cases 20% or more.

Ongoing Support

eSPACE provides multiple levels of support. Low annual access cost.

Integrates with a Variety of HVAC Control Systems​

COOLSPACE can Interface with virtually any BACnet Building Automation System as well as communicating with specific network-compatible WiFi Thermostats.

HVAC Integration

Tired of paying excessive utility bills? Consider a smarter solution: COOLSPACE HVAC technology can increase energy and operational efficiency.

Integration Partners

Monthly Plans Start at just $50.