Location: Spring, TX

Facility Size: 6 buildings

eSPACE Module: Event Scheduling & Work Order Management with Facility Systems Integration

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Revolutionizing Parish Operations: How St. Ignatius of Loyola Cut Energy Consumption by 40% with eSPACE

The Challenge:

At St. Ignatius of Loyola in Spring, TX, a bustling parish with over 4,000 families and 80 ministries across six buildings, managing the facility was a formidable challenge. Before implementing eSPACE, the facilities team, comprising just three staff members, was overwhelmed with manually programming and adjusting thermostats for numerous, ever-changing meetings and events. This labor-intensive process not only consumed significant staff time but also led to inefficient heating and cooling practices. Out of necessity, the team resorted to setting a weekly schedule and letting it run, inadvertently resulting in excessive energy consumption during unoccupied periods due to their inability to keep pace with the dynamic scheduling needs of the parish.

The Outcome:

The integration of eSPACE’s HVAC control into St. Ignatius of Loyola’s operations has led to a remarkable reduction in energy consumption, achieving a 40 percent decrease year-over-year. This significant improvement in efficiency has been a game-changer for the parish. Additionally, eSPACE’s Event Scheduler has revolutionized their meeting management. Ministry leaders can now autonomously schedule their meetings via a link on the parish website, requiring only approval and room confirmation from the facilities team. This streamlined process is not only efficient but also user-friendly, accommodating all team members effortlessly and ensuring they can easily access the spaces they need without complications.

“[eSPACE] is very handy. You can tie it to a particular room in a specific building. It is very user-friendly and great for my team to use. Overall, the eSPACE software helps with scheduling, work orders, and our HVAC – it’s really fabulous. ”

Ron Svoboda, Parish Director of Operations

Full case study:

Prior to eSPACE, the facility management process at St. Ignatius was labor-intensive and inefficient. The limited facilities team was burdened with manually programming thermostats for numerous events, often running heating and cooling non-stop due to the impracticality of adjusting settings for changing schedules.

Transformation with eSPACE: The integration of eSPACE marked a significant turning point.

  • HVAC Integration: The seamless connection of eSPACE’s scheduling system with HVAC controls drastically reduced energy consumption, leading to a stunning 40% decrease in year-over-year usage. This integration alone has been a monumental change for the parish.
  • Event Scheduling: The eSPACE Event Scheduler has revolutionized the way meetings are organized. Ministry leaders independently schedule their meetings through a website link, requiring minimal oversight. This user-friendly system has simplified room booking and approval processes, significantly reducing administrative workload.
  • Work Order Management: The adoption of eSPACE’s work order system, although gradual post-Hurricane Harvey, has proven to be extremely beneficial. The system’s ease of use and specificity to rooms and buildings has streamlined maintenance tasks considerably.

Overall Impact: eSPACE has delivered a comprehensive solution for St. Ignatius, enhancing scheduling efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and simplifying work order management. Ron’s experience underscores the software’s capability in transforming church operations, making it an indispensable tool for large parishes like St. Ignatius of Loyola. The software not only aids in operational tasks but also contributes significantly to the parish’s environmental stewardship and resource management.