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We probably all have heard the saying, “Lions, tigers, and bears — oh my!” Well, we have another scary phrase your church should shudder when you hear it from your facility management team.  

It goes like this: “Paper, pen (or pencil), and Excel — oh my!”

Proper Tools

Don’t get us wrong; these are valuable tools. But they are not the right tools for intentionally managing a complex commercial facility, which is what most churches are. Churches, traditionally,  are not houses in most cases. They are commercial structures with complex engineering and systems. And with that comes maintenance and management complexity. 

Therefore, it boggles our team when churches use outdated tools to track work orders and assets, assign tasks, and create a historical record. (That last one makes me chuckle.) Frequently, when churches contact us to explore our eSPACE Work Order and Asset Management tools, we learn they use one of the forbidden “tools” mentioned earlier.

pen paper excel

Last time I checked, we are in the year 2022, right? My guess is most churches have computers, software programs, and cell phones. I would also surmise that most organizations use a church management system to track member data, offerings, children check-in, and accounting.

Please tell me if I am off base.

Out With the Old

We allow or expect our facility team managing our largest physical asset to handle it using archaic means and methods. Why is that? Do we not see our church facilities as important?  If not, why have them? Have we not embraced that they have been entrusted to us to steward?

If your church is ready to take the next step toward intentional and efficient facility stewardship, contact our team and let us have a brief and free consulting session on the phone to determine if our products and services could assist you.  If we are not a fit, we will let you know.  No obligation.  No pressure.  Seriously.

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