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This integration was designed by both companies so that you can continue to use Community Church Builder to enter and manage all your events and then have eSPACE “pull” your approved events for our FACILITeSPACE integrations. This way as events are approved in your events in Community Church Builder, your HVAC, doors and/or digital signage displays can automatically be scheduled for events!

How It Works:

  • Continue using CCB to manage your events.
  • eSPACE will “pull” approved events for FACILITeSPACE integrations.
  • Automatically schedule HVAC, doors, and digital signage displays to align with your events in CCB.

One-Way Sync:

Events from CCB are continuously synced to eSPACE every few minutes.

Minimal Data Sync:

Only essential information like space names and short-term events are synced for efficient operation.

Unchangeable Synced Data in eSPACE:

To maintain integration integrity, make all changes only in your CCB system.

Automated Facility Scheduling:

This integration allows for automatic scheduling of facilities in response to event approvals within CCB. When an event is approved, eSPACE automatically updates HVAC settings, door access, and digital signage accordingly. This automation ensures that all physical spaces are optimally prepared for each event, enhancing the overall experience and reducing manual workload.

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Features + Benefits

Automated Facility Scheduling

Efficient One-Way Syncing

Centralized Management of Events & Resources

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Improve your facility’s efficiency and security by integrating your HVAC, Access Control and/or Digital Signage systems with eSPACE Event Scheduler with FACILITeSPACE.

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