As a part of providing our web-based platform to help you better steward your facility, we now offer a “Do It For You” approach where we will fly out to your church to do all the heavy lifting.

This includes tracking and identifying your assets for your church including attributes model / serial numbers, warranty information, life cycle expectancy, replacement cost estimations and budget guidelines. 

We also partner with you to establish a scalable preventative maintenance plan to ensure nothing slips through the cracks and you can extend the life of your church’s building.

Every job needs the right tool… Including your building

Preventative Maintenance

Identify and track all ongoing maintenance needed to extend the life of your building


Document facility equipment and look up serial numbers, model numbers, warranty info, etc for long term scalability

System Consultation

Be guided by a specialist for not just setting up the platform, but for industry best practice consulting


1×1 training with both virtual and onsite engagements

Life Cycle Planning

Forecast the remaining useful life of your assets, replacement costs, and ongoing planning for the future

Organization At Scale

Integrates with the eSPACE Work Order & Asset Management tool providing you with the most powerful and intentional Facility Management software available.

eSPACE Work Order & Asset Management Software

Manage and create work orders with ease using eSPACE Work Order & Asset Management. Easily track and assign preventative maintenance tasks to recur based on your preference. Transfer and set reminders for your inventory when running low and manage it all in one easy place!

“It showed us the deficiencies in our systems and processes (and lack of accountability) for maintaining our facilities that we as decision-makers could not see from our vantage point, and the functional and financial impact that was going to have”

Justin Greene

Liberty Live, Norfolk, VA

“Our work order tracking was completed via google form and excel. Using eSPACE has saved lots of time organizing and tracking maintenance tasks. We can easily see what needs to be completed and eSPACE has helped me manage equipment issues and life expectancy better. We now have a reserve fund in anticipation of having to replace equipment.”

Mark Gotshall

Crossroads Bible Church

“The eSPACE app has allowed us to move away from using paper notes on clipboards to an entirely digital system that we can use to track work order completion, as well as time of completion and who completed it.!”

Adam Duarte

Compass Bible Church

eSPACE Do It For You

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