Does your facility management team know how many square feet are in your facility?  Do they know the square footage of each room?  And do they know which rooms have carpet, tile, ceiling tiles, etc?

If not, we are here to help. But before we let you know about our new free resource, let's look at why knowing your square footage and building materials is important. 

  • The majority of the national benchmarking and budget evaluations for facilities are based on your square footage. Without this information, you're unable to determine if you are over or under-spending. It can also help you calculate replacement costs.
  • Church budgets (the overall budget), income, and attendance may vary from year to year. However, your facility size and square footage are far less likely to adjust unless you add to it or sell.  Because of this reality, you must understand the impact of the size of your facility. 
  • Think about evaluating your utility costs. If you utilize the cost per square footage referenced in The 4 Buckets of Church Facility Budgeting eBook, you will need to know your square footage.
  • You also need to know your square footage to determine certain renewal and replacement costs. For example, the carpet in the children’s spaces needs to be replaced, and the vendor tells you he can do it for $5.00/SF.  If you do not know how many square feet you have, how will you know what the total project will cost? 
  • The same applies to many cleaning functions. How many square feet of carpet extraction do you need or how many square feet of tile need to be waxed or buffed?

Get Your Free Facility Data Sheet

What we have found is that too many churches and facility teams don't have a single document to track this kind of data. Think how much easier it would be to address square footage questions if you could just open one document.  Well, now you can.

Our free Facility Data Sheet will help you inventory your spaces, square footage, flooring material, wall covering material, ceiling material, and the number and type of light fixtures in every room. We hope this tool helps you and your team stay organized so that you can continue to focus on your mission. 

To download the free Facility Data Sheet, click the button below.

Facility Data Sheet