Resource: Church Facility Budgeting

note pad that reads church facility budgeting

Where do you start when it comes to church facility budgeting? This question has risen to the top of many inquiries at Smart Church Solutions. That's why we released an eBook last year to provide you with specific steps and considerations for church facility budgeting.

Church Facility Budgeting: Here’s What It Covers

In this ebook, we cover the following points: 

  • Where to begin your church facility budgeting journey
  • Overspending and underspending
  • Practical steps so that you can put several practices in place
  • Personalization of your church facility budget
  • Additional resources to support you

I believe this resource is a great tool for any church facility professional. You will read a little about my experience with church facility budgeting and ways to budget intentionally. We hope that this ebook will help you further steward what God has entrusted to you. 

Onward, and happy budgeting!

church facility budgeting ebook