Church Facility Manager: The Why

church facility mangers: they why

For years, we have talked about facility stewardship and how it relates to facility management. Our facilities were entrusted to us by God to steward, just like money. I personally am a firm believer in this concept as a physical and spiritual principle.

A facility manager is a role and job title. It is something we do hire people to perform. It is a what. However, there is a why behind it. In the paragraphs below, we will explore the purpose behind what we do as facility stewards. 

Groundwork: What Church Facility Managers Do

In short, facility management combines processes to maintain and develop services to support and organization. In a church, the primary activities are ministering to the community, reaching the lost, etc. Therefore, church facility management is not just cleaning floors and taking out the trash (although those may be subsets of the act of facility management). Too often, churches believe having a maintenance person or custodian checks the box for facility management. While you may hire a person to perform facility management activities, there is more to the job description.

The Why

So, now that we have laid the groundwork, let’s revisit the purpose. Below are examples of why church facility managers (stewards) carry a significant stewardship role: 

  • Our facilities belong to God 
  • Facility-related expenditures are generally the second-largest line item in a church budget, only after staffing
  • The health and safety of the staff and guests are essential 
  • Maintaining facilities is a constant activity
  • Operational costs (utilities, maintenance, janitorial) make up about 80% of your church’s life cycle cost of ownership
  • Your facility tells a story, good or bad
  • Facilities were intended to facilitate
  • Your facility care shows a level of respect 

Church Facility Managers, Your Job Matters

In conclusion, if you are tasked with the maintenance, life cycle, and management of your church's facilities, you must take it seriously. If you don’t believe me, take a minute to read Numbers 3:14-38. The cliff notes: the Levites (priests) were assigned the care of the temple. They weren't people at the bottom of the food chain, unqualified, or the lowest paid. They were the people set apart to do God’s service.

Above all, church facility management is highly important. Understanding your why for the what will give you the motivation and grit to make it a priority. For facility management questions and concerns, always feel free to reach out to our team for support. We are here to remind you of your importance in stewarding what God has given you.