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Many people, pre-pandemic, had never heard of Zoom™. Since we went virtual in March 2020, virtual meetings have become not only a mainstay of our culture, but are likely sticking around. So, we wanted to make sure eSPACE, our facility management software, was with the times.

Right after the pandemic started, our team huddled together (virtually, of course). We brainstormed how we could pivot and help serve churches during this global pandemic. Our team has worked virtually since 2008, but we know most churches were meeting in person. Our initial idea was to provide a way for churches to schedule virtual meetings within eSPACE. The eSPACE Event Scheduler allowed for what we called “Off-site” events but had not considered the impact or the need for virtual events.  

So, our talented development team jumped into action and developed a new feature, which has been a critical part of many church’s event scheduling.

New eSPACE Feature 

The new feature now allows the event’s creator to manually add a link for access to the virtual meeting platform (Zoom™, Teams, Hangout, Go To Meeting, etc.). This was a significant first step and has been proven to be effective. 

So, we decided to take it a step further.  We conducted some quick surveys among our clients. Overall, we found that the majority of them were using Zoom™. Therefore, we decided it would be beneficial to our clients to create a partnership with them. 

Drum Roll, Please

We are excited to announce eSPACE now has direct integration with Zoom™ on their Marketplace. With this new integration, you can create your event in eSPACE and create the Zoom™ meeting URL to make it a part of the event.  Can you say efficiency?  

Here are a few images to give you an inside look: 

Onward (Even if Virtual)!

We hope to add this kind of integration with other platforms. If you would like to explore how your church can be a part of future integrations like this, please contact us.

Tim Cool
Chief Executive Officer
Tim Cool is the President and CEO of Smart Church Solutions and takes great pride in helping churches optimize their facilities. When he’s not at the helm of his company, he’s dedicated to his family, being a husband to Lisa and a father to 27-year-old triplets. An enthusiast of the outdoors, Tim enjoys the simplicity of hiking in the North Carolina mountains.