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At Cool Solutions Group, we made a decision 10 years ago to be "Ministry Centric". To drill that down further, we are ministry facility and logistic focused. That is our passion. That is our skill-set. That is where we thrive from nearly 60 years of collective church facility experience.

So what does it mean to be "centric" and best-in-class in our market? This is how we would describe it:

  1. We provide top level Facility Condition Assessments to assist churches in understanding their current condition, deferred maintenance issues, as well as plan for future capital expenditures related to the Life Cycle of their facility.
  2. We provide the best coaching, training and resources related to intentional church facility management on a broad scale.
  3. We are "subject matter experts" on things related to church facility management and operations.
  4. We bring near 50 combined years of high quality facility planning, design coordination, and project management to churches considering a building or expansion initiative.
  5. Our Facility Management software (eSPACE) is the best (and ONLY) suite of church facility and operations management services available on the market with specializations in:
    • Event Management (Stay tuned for a NEW set of deeper Event and Worship Planning)
    • Work Order Management and Preventive Maintenance
    • Asset Management
    • Life Cycle Planning
  6. As part of eSPACE, we offer the ONLY platform that allows a church to integrate their facility scheduling software (like the eSPACE Event Scheduler) with their major facility systems from a single platform, such as:
    • HVAC Integration with Building Automation and WiFi Thermostats
    • Electronic Door Access Controls
    • Digital Signage, Wayfinding, and Room Door Signage
    • With future additions for security cameras, lighting, technology, and even irrigation sprinklers (WOW!)

In his book "Subscribed", Tien Tzuo states the following relating this how more companies are becoming focused on what they do best.  He says:

...more and more companies are taking advantage of... SaaS providers that are maniacally focused on performing one core function really, really well."

BOOM...that describes eSPACE and all of our offerings.

...and we are BEST IN CLASS!

Tim Cool
Tim Cool is the founder of Smart Church Solutions, but more importantly, the husband to Lisa and father to 27 year old triplets. His passion is serving churches to be intentional with their facilities…and he loves hiking in the NC Mountains.