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If you attended our Virtual Church Facility Conference, you heard from a very impressive lineup of church leaders and facility stewardship experts. Is your head spinning from everything you learned? Have you had a chance to digest the content from the conference or share new information with your team? 

While I have been doing church facility stewardship work for about three decades, I was challenged and blessed with a new perspective from the content presented. No matter your industry experience, there is always room for new knowledge and growth.

For those who couldn’t make it this year (or those who didn’t take notes), below is a quick summary of what we heard each day. 

Day 1, Virtual Church Facility Conference Summary

Conference Intro with Thom Rainer

Should we build a house of God? In short, the answer is yes. The church facility represents hope, comfort, and protection for and in the community. Our church facilities represent the presence of God, our obedience to his commands, sacrifice, and hope.

Entrusted 101 with Tim Cool 

The word “entrusted” and its synonymous words show up in the New Testament a total of 55 times. We are called to steward what has been entrusted to us and be good stewards to what God has graciously given us. As church facility managers, if we honestly believe everything comes from and belongs to God, then it is our responsibility to take care of all He has given.

Small Budget Big Ideas

There are three “pro” words to live by to make the most of your facility and budget: proactive, productive, and progressive. The multiple different budgeting buckets we need to think about are our operational budget (must pay expenses), deferred maintenance (what needs to be taken care of but hasn't been), capital reserve (planning for significant expenses like roofs and HVAC), and capital projects (planning for future development).

Energy Management For Churches 

Let’s say tithing in the Christian church leads to about $50 billion in gifts. Nearly 20% or $10 billion is then spent on utilities and facilities. If 400,000 congregations cut energy usage by 20%, potential savings could roughly equate to $1 billion – which could be used for other ministry initiatives.

Developing the Smart Church 

Smart Church Solutions’ eSPACE software offers work order and asset management to simplify and increase productivity in church facilities. It also creates a central location for real analytics and reporting.

Day 2, Virtual Church Facility Conference Summary

Old Church vs. New Church Summary

Church today is very different from what the church used to be. There are different worship experiences, systems, complexities, and especially different technology. Therefore, we cannot keep doing “what we used to do.” In short, it is essential facility stewards utilize technology to manage their facilities in this day and age. 


It is vital to establish clear and concise systems for cleaning. However, this year has shown us that clean comes in various tiers; sanitizing, disinfection, sterilizing. You should use safe, tested, and effective products when cleaning, sanitizing, or disinfecting any part of your facility. You also want to make sure to keep good records of products, keeping chemicals labeled and in proper storage. Yes, a clean church costs money, but it is a must, especially in the new church model. 

No One Size Fits All

While some churches view facilities and IT separately, they must be integrated. As church leaders, we need to make decisions that last and are forward-thinking. Explore all options, as there is not a one size fits all approach. Therefore, learn from others who are succeeding under the new church model and focus on function over fashion.

Building Codes

To recreate your old church to the new church model, following building codes is essential. Building codes are designed to protect people, not buildings. If you are unsure about your building codes, reach out to your local ordinances. Also, note that regulations frequently change (three-year cycle), so you will want to get it done correctly the first time around.  

Virtual Church Facility Conference Finale

At the end of the conference, we had a final jam session with prizes, preventative maintenance checklists, feedback, and more. If you missed this year’s event, don’t sweat it! We constantly post industry thoughts, updates, and helpful information on our blog

Our team is also always here to help. Don’t ever hesitate to give us a call!