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eSPACE continues to be the only full suite of church-centric facility and event management software solutions available on the market. Our team consistently invests in eSPACE to provide a tool to assist organizations to be efficient, effective, and intentional with the facilities God has entrusted to them.

Hundreds of churches are utilizing the Event Scheduler (Event Management) and Work Order & Asset Management modules (Facility Management). While these modules are robust and best-in-class for churches, they are just the tip of the iceberg of efficiency possibilities. Let us explain:

Customer Care Plus

We offer an enhanced version of our best-in-class customer service to our subscribers. If you want to take advantage of the following enhanced options, you can do so for only $49/month (paid annually).

  • Two business hour initial response time
  • Up to two hours of live virtual setup assistance for new subscriptions
  • Up to one hour of live virtual user training in the first 60 days for new subscriptions
  • Phone support during business hours
  • 20% discount for additional training services (virtual or onsite)

Event Scheduler Add-On Modules

  • Event registration: Allow your users to register for events, offer products/donations, etc.
  • Billing and Invoicing: Streamline your rentals from requests, payments, and agreements all directly within eSPACE.
  • Major System Integrations:
    • COOLSPACE: HVAC Integration automatically tells your units when to come on/off based on the eSPACE calendar.
    • SECURESPACE: Door Access Integration automatically tells your doors when to lock/unlock based on events in the eSPACE calendar.
    • INFOSPACE: Digital Signage Integration to display events going on throughout the monitors in your building.

Work Order & Asset Management Add-On Modules

  • Asset Pro and Bar Coding to further manage your assets/inventory.
  • Vehicle Pro (scroll to the bottom of the linked page) to help further track your vehicles and generate preventative maintenance based on mileage

If your church or organization is looking for an inclusive solution to your event and facility management needs, make sure you consider the above options. If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.

Lee Cool
Director of Revenue
Lee Cool, the Director of Revenue at Smart Church Solutions for six years, brings an unparalleled dedication to enhancing customer experiences and operational efficiency. Beyond his professional expertise, Lee’s passion for the outdoors, including hiking, rock climbing, and camping, adds depth to his dynamic approach to leadership and innovation.

Smart Church Solution’s team are experts in church facility stewardship, offering software solutions for event management and work order & asset management to improve the efficiency of your building and your team, and consulting services related to facility management training and assessments.

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