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This week, the governor of North Carolina, my home state, announced a "State of Emergency" due to the Coronavirus. In their statement they suggested that people avoid large populated events that would include conference, conventions, sporting events and... ready for it... CHURCH SERVICES.


To be fair, they predicated this with a statement that this was predominately for those in the "high risk" segment of the population.

So what should the response be from those of us that serve as Facility Stewards at our churches? Don't ignore this? Do we lock ourselves in our office? Do we fumigate the facility? Do we provide rubber gloves for the greeters and ushers and surgical masks for the worship team (now that would be a sight).

To help us know what we CAN be doing, our Nathan Parr has recorded a brief podcast that you will want to listen to and apply his suggestions. In fact, his suggestions are not just prudent during this time of high alert, but can be applied at all times. *Click HERE to listen to this and other podcasts.

Tim Cool
Tim Cool is the founder of Smart Church Solutions, but more importantly, the husband to Lisa and father to 27 year old triplets. His passion is serving churches to be intentional with their facilities…and he loves hiking in the NC Mountains.