Thanksgiving: 2020 & COVID-19 Edition

Smart Church Solutions Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? With COVID-19, an election, and all the other ups and downs of 2020, this year has thrown many people for a loop.

However, despite the minor chaos this year has caused, there is still so much we can all be thankful for. Read more below to see a few things we should praise Him for this year, pandemic and all:

What we can be thankful for

  1. The love of Jesus. This is the most important one on this list. Jesus is the reason we are all still breathing. Although it is often hard to see, everything he does has a purpose, and his plan is far greater than anything we could ever imagine.
  2. God's Grace. This season has left a lot of us frustrated. Maybe you fussed at someone when they cut you off driving (no, no, never!), yelled at your kids, picked a fight with your spouse, or slipped into old habits. Let us remember that God's amazing grace covers a multitude of sins, even during the stress of a pandemic.
  3. The opportunity to connect with other people. Unless you are a hermit living in a cave, it is likely you have family or friends you can still connect with. Phone calls, text messages, Zooms, FaceTimes in-person chats, carrier pigeons - whatever your preferred method of communication is, human connection is worth celebrating.
  4. Animals and nature. Who doesn't smile at the sight of a puppy or kitten? Or watching the leaves change from green to burnt orange? Animals and nature are a reminder of God's love for His creation.
  5. The freedom of choice. Regardless of what scenario we are in, we still have the freedom to choose how we react to situations and how we operate on a daily basis. Thank God for this freedom!
  6. Having a roof over your head. Over half a million people are homeless in the US alone. Having shelter and a safe place to call home is a gift and should not be taken for granted.
  7. Tacos. Everybody loves tacos, so I felt it needed to be included here.
  8. The ability to read. If you’re reading this right now, that’s another thing to be thankful for. It also is a reminder that there are so many skills you possess. Yes, reading is something we do not always see as a skill, but it is a good place to start when you lose sight of your accomplishments. What else can you do?
  9. Clean Clothes. It’s not just the clothes on our backs we should be thankful for, but also being able to throw dirty clothes in a washing machine to have clean ones within a couple of hours.

Yes, this year has been tough, but God is still good. What else are you thankful for this year?