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Do you remember when Richard Dawson was the host of Family Feud? He would always say, “Survey Says!” Those were fun times.

At Smart Church Solutions, we recently surveyed our eSPACE subscribers. The survey did not have any “feuding.” Instead, we asked simple questions to understand the churches and the facility stewards that utilize eSPACE as their church event management software or CMMS. We greatly appreciate all the users who took the time to complete the questionnaire and provide us with honest feedback. 

In the following paragraphs, we will review some of the data we found insightful. 

Question: Why Did You Choose eSPACE?

When we asked this question, 34% of the respondents said they utilize eSPACE for its extensive features. Another 21% said they chose eSPACE for its affordability. And 17% of respondents said they chose the software to increase efficiency.

Question: What Is The Most Significant Difference eSPACE Is Making In Your Church / Organization Today?

This question had close responses. The survey revealed that 38% said eSPACE has made a difference in tracking and scheduling events and work orders; 26% said it has helped manage the calendar; 20% said it helped their staff become more organized. 

Question: How Would You (Briefly) Describe eSPACE To Someone Else?

In short, 28% of respondents said it is a complete, efficient tool to manage a facility; 22% said the software has helped manage maintenance and events; 20% said the software helps manage the organization’s calendar and spaces. 

Question: What Is The Single Greatest Benefit eSPACE Provides?

Communication between staff was a top benefit, according to 38% of respondents. Another 25% said that the calendar was the greatest benefit. And 14% said its time-saving capabilities and user-friendliness is its top benefit.  

Question: What Prompted You To Start Looking For A Solution Like eSPACE?

Thirty-eight percent of respondents said they were prompted to look for a new solution after using an outdated or older system. Others (24%) were motivated by being more organized, and another 24% said they needed eSPACE’s features to stop using paper and pencil. (Side note: If you are still using paper and pens, you may want to skip right ahead and schedule an eSPACE demo.)

Question: How Much Time Are You Saving Now Because You Use eSPACE?

The short answer: people are saving a lot of time using our software — 40% to be exact. Some found it hard to quantify (26%), while others said they save up to several hours a week (another 26%). 

Question: Which Best Describes Your Role?

Of the respondents, 50% said they were facility managers, 19% considered themselves event coordinators, and 9% selected IT as their answer.

In Conclusion: Efficiency is King

As our team has evaluated the responses in more detail, there seems to be at least one common theme: efficiency.  Whether it is expressed in the form of actual time saved (66% = Several hours to A LOT!), or the need to be organized and move to a more current system (62%), energy efficiency (not part of the survey, but clearly an intended benefit to the FACILITeSPACE integrations), or any other combination of responses above, the end result is better efficiency.

In the end, Smart Church Solutions is not a software company.  Software may be a product and service we provide. But we are actually a facility stewardship efficiency company.

If you are interested in joining nearly 1,000 churches and organizations and over 25,000 users of eSPACE to increase your efficiency, give us a shout. Sign up for a free demo today. 

Tim Cool
Chief Executive Officer
Tim Cool is the President and CEO of Smart Church Solutions and takes great pride in helping churches optimize their facilities. When he’s not at the helm of his company, he’s dedicated to his family, being a husband to Lisa and a father to 27-year-old triplets. An enthusiast of the outdoors, Tim enjoys the simplicity of hiking in the North Carolina mountains.