Last week we explored the need for intentional training of means, methods and process for your team. Nathan Parr made some great points that are critical for us, as Facility Stewards, to embrace and apply.

This week we take it a step further and explore the need for appropriate training on the "tools" you use to implement your Facility Stewardship initiatives.

Churches and other organizations ranging from 100 member churches to those with multiple site across the country employ cost-effective software for their Event Management and Facility Management needs (i.e eSPACE). However, many organizations make the mistake of purchasing software without providing the necessary training to their team to ensure expert utilization of these powerful applications. If your organization stops short of providing software training for its team, the true return on investment on your software purchase will not be realized. To understand the importance of safeguarding your investment in software, here are 6 reasons why your company needs software training:

  1. Not all of your team members are at the same level of proficiency with computers...and new software. They need assistance to get everyone on the same page.
  2. Training creates unity and buy-in by the stakeholders. If the team can see the WHY behind the WHAT, adoption acceptance raises exponentially.
  3. Training, done correctly, is not just learning how to use the software, but can reinforce why the software is being used in the first place, and how it can improve the users life and work responsibilities.
  4. Group training provides for multiple people to hear the same thing...that does not mean they digest the data the same way, so by properly training you have created a number of internal advocates and trainers to help those that may be struggling.
  5. If the leadership believes that the benefit of having the software properly utilized is worthy of the investment of subscription dollars...then assuring that the team is properly trained will increase the ROI for the organization.
  6. Most people hate...or at least resist, change. This is further exacerbated if people are left up to their own personal training...which leads to frustration and a deterioration of team efficiency.

All software purchases should include software training to ensure that your team members are proficient in utilizing the tools provided by the software. Purchasing software without the training is like buying a car and not putting gas in the tank.

For more information of the eSPACE training options, please contact us HERE.