Smart Church Solutions: 2022 in Review

2022 in review for Smart Church Solutions

Can you believe 2022 is nearly over? What a year it has been. Most of us have said farewell to COVID-19 and the effects of unprecedented isolation. Thank you, Lord, for bringing us through a traumatic historical time.

For us at Smart Church Solutions, 2022 has been an incredible journey of “but God” and “suddenly” moments. Here are some of our highlights:

Team Growth

Our team grew by leaps and bounds in 2022. We added nine new team members, doubling our staff in one year. Here are our incredible additions: 

  • Kim Simmons, Customer Success Specialist
  • Pat Hart, Facility Stewardship Specialist
  • Dan Hogan, Software Developer
  • Glenn Poole, Software Solutions Specialist
  • Ryan Hefley, Software Developer
  • Lizzie Zabojnik, Customer Stewardship Specialist
  • Casie Dietrich, Customer Stewardship Specialist
  • Kenny Winfrey, Software Solutions Specialist
  • Heath Arthur, Software Developer 

ServiceU Migration

God opened the door for us to migrate the ServiceU subscribers into eSPACE. ServiceU was a pioneer in facilities and event management for faith-based organizations. However, through thought-leadership, investment in development, and innovation, eSPACE has become the clear choice among faith-based organizations for modern facilities management solutions. 

Therefore, ServiceU is being sunset and fully closed down. There’s a huge story behind this that — again —  points back to our “suddenly” and BUT GOD” moments.  

New Tools and More Capacity

We released a brand new tool to provide a “health check-up” for church facilities. The Facility Health Assessment has already proven a tremendous asset to churches nationwide.

Smart Church Solutions also expanded its capacity to provide more facility stewardship initiatives. This includes more opportunities for Facility Condition Assessments and Facility Management Consulting.

Creating Community 

We believe that facility stewardship is not something people should do by themselves. That’s why we are pleased that our Church Facility Management Conference brought more than 300 stewards together to learn. 

The Church Facility Management Solutions FaceBook group continues to grow. The group has created a community of church facility practitioners, professionals, volunteers, paid staff, etc. Through this resource, facility stewards can find answers to questions and encouragement from others within the industry. We are happy to share that, as of December 2022, the group has more than 1,600 members.

As Always: Onward

As I write this and reflect on the items above and their stories, I am humbled. Our team is not entitled to these blessings. God has entrusted these to us, and we steward each of these opportunities the best we can.

As I always like to say, especially as we reflect and look ahead, ONWARD!