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“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

Benjamin Franklin

Let's run through a few scenarios. What if…

  • Someone gets ill during a church service, or you have a medical emergency
  • Someone tries to rush the platform with bad intentions
  • What if there is an issue in the kid's department
  • There is a fire in your building
  • You need to lockdown your building
  • There is a tornado approaching
  • There is an incident, and the media wants to interview you

While many of these things may not be on your radar, they should be. Every item above has occurred at a church this year. Sometimes, the church was taken off guard and did not know the proper reaction. These emergencies and “unexpected” instances should not be taken lightly.  

Download A New Resouce

Thanks to one of our eSPACE subscribers, there is no excuse to not be prepared for an emergency. This church has developed a resourceful tool called the Emergency Preparedness Handbook. Not only did the church develop this tool, but they have agreed to allow us to share it with you. That is kingdom generosity.  

emergency preparedness handbook