ACS Facility Scheduler & eSPACE Integration

Looking for a way to automatically turn on your HVAC based on the events in your ACS Facility Scheduler calendar? We have just the solution for you.

In the paragraphs below, we will discuss setting up the integration between eSPACE and ACS Facility Scheduler. But first, let me share a few use cases of this integration.

Use Cases

This integration is not a two-way sync between ACS Facility Scheduler and eSPACE. However, it pulls data from your Facility Scheduler into eSPACE so we can automatically control your HVAC, Doors, Digital Signage, or Lights. You can learn more about what control systems we integrate with by going here.

This allows you to receive some of the premium integrations offered by the eSPACE Event Scheduler while still keeping your events in the ACS Facility Scheduler.

Note: This integration only pulls a limited amount of data at a time and will refresh in intervals of 15 minutes. However, if you are looking for a more robust calendar system than the ACS Facility Scheduler, I would highly recommend eSPACE as an alternative.

Setting It Up

Step 1: Log in to your eSPACE account. On the left sidebar, click Settings > Other > ChMS Integrations and select ACS Facility Scheduler.

Step 2: Enter all your information with your ACS credentials and click on the "save" button to complete the integration.

Step 3: Contact to let them know you want to activate the ACS Facility Scheduler integration. An agent will update the backend to allow data to flow to your eSPACE account from an outside source.

Fifteen minutes after you enter the first data source, eSPACE will poll ACS every 15 minutes to pull in your approved events and rooms.