14 Major Preparations Before Returning to Your Church Facility

Last week we were honored to participate in a webinar with Dr. Thom Rainer and his team at Church Answers. Dr. Rainer presented 14 Major Preparations You Must Make Before Returning to Your Church Facility. There were over 5,200 people that registered for this insightful live event with many from several countries. WOW!!! For the past several weeks, our team has been asked questions regarding the “readiness” that will be necessary to reopen our church facilities. Great questions. While we have tried to make every effort to answer these questions with the greatest clarity we can, there are 2 realities that have come to light:
  1. No one really knows. The reopening phases are all over the board. In some cases it is being dictated by local or state government. In some instances we have heard that denominations are providing those guideline and in other cases…well…it could be anything. Times are fluid. Things are changing rapidly. Our advice is to remain flexible and stop fretting. Remember…this did not take God by surprise.
  2. Most churches are NOT ready to reopen. They do not have definitive action items, means or methods. They do not have a plan for sanitizing their facility or how they will collect offerings. They have not thought about their witness to the local community and how their actions will resonate for years to come.
During the webinar, Dr. Rainer talked about the impact COVID-19 has had on our churches and the readiness of our local churches to re-open to the public. We have blogged on this for the past 7 weeks, but this live and personal discussion brought the topic to a whole new level. The webinar was a holistic approach to moving back to the gathered church environment and not just facilities, even though most of the questions were related our facilities. Some of the highlights include:
  • How many can we accommodate given government suggestions?
  • Should we increase the number of services?
  • What do we do about children’s ministry?
  • What about the offertory?
  • Should we serve coffee?
  • What about on-campus Sunday School or small groups?
  • How do we seat in worship?
  • What is our responsibility to the community?
  • Should we handout any bulletins or other material?
If you missed the live airing of the webinar, it is not tool late to still join the conversation. Click HERE to play the recording and share this with your team. You can also download the slide deck used in the webinar HERE. Also, if you have not done so, get your free Post COVID-19 Resources:

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