Entrusted: A Guide to Intentional Church Facility Stewardship

You’ve got a big responsibility. Seriously. God has entrusted His creation and everything in it to us. It’s an awesome responsibility. And it’s an awesome opportunity. Have you thought about how this stewardship applies at the local church level? Have you thought of all the ways God has given you so much for which you and your congregation are responsible? Think about, for example, your church facilities. You likely have a church building or multiple buildings that represent the generosity of many members in the past and present. What are you doing to be the best steward possible of these facilities? Let me put it another way. What are you doing to be the best steward possible of God’s facilities? It is indeed an awesome responsibility and an awesome opportunity. After 35 years of assisting churches navigate issues related to their facilities, Tim Cool has compiled an initial guide for any and every church to become the best steward of what has been ENTRUSTED to them. This is serious business and one that every church leader needs to embrace. Anything less is not what God intended. This books will get you started on the development of an intentional Facility Stewardship initiative and help identify the areas that should be considered. In addition, you will find a link to a number of incredibly useful tools and resources to help you on this journey.


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