You need an experienced partner to lead you through your facility stewardship initiatives. We are your “guide” -- assisting you to determine the right “tool”, managing any project as well as providing a reality check as to the condition and life cycle of your existing facilities. We do the heavy lifting so you and your team can focus on your ministry.


Start by asking yourself "WHY" and “What if?” DREAM is your opportunity to explore the possibilities for your congregation.


Planning is key. Decisions during this process will set the tone and direction for the balance of your project. 


Building and construction can be confusing. We’ll be your advocate and do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your ministry.


Facility Stewardship requires us to face our current realities. We'll help define these aspects and develop a plan to care for your facility for the long-term.

Dream Phase

Consulting for The
Future of Your Facility

An intense process to explore the WHO/ WHY/WHAT
to fulfill your vision. 

  • Evaluation We’ll address space utilization, growth trends, current conditions, and financial status to determine how your facility is impacting your Who and Why.
  • Story Telling Facilities tell a story. We’ll make sure your facility aligns with who you are, your community, and your vision.
  • Needs Analysis We’ll explore the priorities and initiatives of your ministry to determine your needs and shape a building that serves the vision of your ministry.
  • Master Planning Our Intentional Workshop will lead your team to a clear direction of the “right tool” to fulfill your vision as well as provide the data, analytics, master plan, imagery, and budgeting to make the right decisions about the future.
Plan Phase

Pre-Construction Planning
for a Solid Path

Guidance through the complex process of
pre-construction decision-making.

  • Team Integration We aid you in the process of selecting and integrating your project team, including interviewing and vetting prospective partners, developing requests for proposals/information, and more.
  • Scheduling Full-scope support for scheduling initiatives, including those that impact costs of goods and materials, coordination/satisfaction of team members, and lead-time coordination.
  • Budgeting Total cost of completion includes more than the building. We will evaluate the total cost of completion to help you budget appropriately and avoid surprises.
  • Permitting Permitting, entitlements, and compliance can be challenging. Our team works with the authorities to mitigate and lead these activities to reduce the aggravation.

Owner’s Rep to Guide You Through Your Project

Successfully completed building projects require a team that is focused on the process.

  • Construction Oversight Construction is a complex process that requires focus and coordinating with partners, government authorities, and contractors. We’ll guide you through the process.
  • Partnerships Church Leaders must continue doing their ministry work and not become embroiled in the day-to-day job site activities. We become your part-time staff person to fill this role.
  • Inspections From initial inspections to routine checks, we'll support you through safety compliance, quality control and more. 
  • Closeout Closeout is a critical time. We'll be there until the end, to ensure that your project wraps up with the same energy and excitement as it began.

Seeing Your Facility
Into The Future

Our team of facility experts can provide your church with the steps to effectively steward your facilities.

  • Facility Condition Assessments Let's check the health of your facility and determine your current condition and life cycle costs. We'll assess energy/operational efficiency, review benchmarks, assess deferred maintenance as well as project your inevitable long-term life cycle expenditures.  
  • Standards & Procedures Our Facility Specialists assist in identifying “best practices” for your facility team. This includes assessing current procedures and provide a plan for how there can be intentional improvements.
  • Facility Training From security planning and vendor management to team building and cleaning processes, we will help you and your team onboard with best practices that support the life and longevity of your facility. 
  • Capital Reserve Planning Using our eSPACE Life Cycle Calculator, our team can assist you with the evaluation of the current replacement value of major equipment, remaining useful life, and the monies that need to be allocated year after year to cover these renewals.

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 It’s been an amazing experience. From coaching us in our decision, selection of contractor, architect and interior designer they have been a full partner and now my friends. They represented us at every turn and the attention to detail was extraordinary.
Frank Norwood Executive Pastor, First Baptist Church of Matthews
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