Virtual Facility Health Assessment

Virtual Facility Health Assessment

The only “virtual” Facility Health Assessment for your facility

Our team have taken our decades of church facility management experience, input from some of the brightest minds in the church facility stewardship and insurance worlds, as well as our technology expertise and developed the FACILITY HEALTH ASSESSMENT.

$995 per location

This virtual assessment will provide your church with:

  • Evaluation and benchmarking of your facility operational expenditures
  • Assessment of your Capital Reserve initiative
  • Benchmarking of your Facility Maintenance staff (number of FTE)
  • Basic Safety and Security data point evaluation
  • Life cycle projections for:
    • HVAC
    • Roofing
    • Parking/paving
    • Flooring
  • Preloaded eSPACE Life Cycle Calculator that your church can continue to use and build out to identify more facility, IT, AVL, etc. items and the projected remaining useful life including projected funds needed for the inevitable capital reserves
  • Personalized summary and recommendation from our Facility Stewardship Specialists
  • First Impressions Checklist for your church to use as a guide
  • List of resources to assist you further your facility stewardship initiatives
  • Ability to run future assessment at a discounted rate and benchmark your churches progress year over year
  • If your church is looking to get a “snapshot” as to the health of your facility, this is the ideal tool for you. You will need to gather some data to help you get started.  You can download a list of those items HERE

While a full blown onsite Facility Condition can cost $7-12,000.00, this robust virtual report is only a fraction of that cost for only $995.00. Now that is affordable!

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Understanding the "health" and condition of your facility is critical

Face Reality

Does your facility “suffer” from deferred maintenance and other obsolescence?


What steps are you taking to keep your building secure?


How does your facility operational costs compare to other similar facilities?


How many staff are required to properly steward your facility?

Life Cycle Planning

How much money needs to be allocated in a Capital Reserve account to ensure long term sustainability?

Best Practices and Next Steps

Now what? What should we do going forward?

What Will Our Assessment Provide?

Download our Facility Health Assessment PDF outlining our services:

“The assessment aided us in establishing a planned capital replacement program in that we were able to prioritize based on life cycle in all the areas assessed. Because of the assessment we were able to get a real look at our deferred items and plan for their renovation or replacement.”
Clark Byram
FBC Sevierville, Sevierville, TN
“We are quite a bit behind on capital improvements.  This brought a lot of light to our people regarding where we are with regards to the facilities.”
Jim Boyd
Calvary Baptist, Winston Salem, NC
“It showed us the deficiencies in our systems and processes (and lack of accountability) for maintaining our facilities that we as decision-makers could not see from our vantage point, and the functional and financial impact that was going to have”
Justin Greene
Liberty Live, Norfolk, VA
“Confirmed that deferred maintenance was out of control and that there would be huge savings on utilities if we could ever get HVAC under control. “
Charles Reynolds
Hermitage Hills Baptist, Nashville, TN
“Expert valuations of deferred cost/dollars and appropriate annual budget requirements for facility, instead of just in-house estimates or historical basis”
Dwayne McDow
Summer Grove Baptist, Shreveport, LA

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