Facility Condition Assessment

Understanding the "health" and condition of your facility is critical

Face Reality

Does your facility “suffer” from deferred maintenance and other obsolescence?

First Impressions

What does first-time guest see?


How does your facility operational costs compare to other similar facilities?


How many staff are required to properly steward your facility?

Life Cycle Planning

How much money needs to be allocated in a Capital Reserve account to ensure long term sustainability?

Best Practices and Next Steps

Now what? What should we do going forward?

If your church cannot specifically answer all of the above questions, then it is time for a Facility Condition Assessment.

  • Fresh Eyes Assessment
  • Deferred Maintenance Assessment
  • Life Cycle Assessment and Plan
  • Operational Cost Benchmarking
  • Facility Maintenance Staffing Evaluation
  • Recommendations and Next Steps
  • Free access to the eSPACE Life Cycle Calculator – Prelimiary data entered by our team
  • General observations to include but not limited to:
  • Exterior Components
  • Interior Components
  • Major System Component Evaluation
  • Custodial / Janitorial Effectiveness
  • Maintenance Effectiveness
  • Life Safety Considerations 
  • Other opportunities include:
  • Facility Team Training
  • Facility Manager Coaching
  • Cleaning Process Training
  • Subscription to the eSPACE Work Order & Asset Management Software
  • Spatial Utilization Assessment
“The assessment aided us in establishing a planned capital replacement program in that we were able to prioritize based on life cycle in all the areas assessed. Because of the assessment we were able to get a real look at our deferred items and plan for their renovation or replacement.”
Clark Byram
FBC Sevierville, Sevierville, TN
“We are quite a bit behind on capital improvements.  This brought a lot of light to our people regarding where we are with regards to the facilities.”
Jim Boyd
Calvary Baptist, Winston Salem, NC
“It showed us the deficiencies in our systems and processes (and lack of accountability) for maintaining our facilities that we as decision-makers could not see from our vantage point, and the functional and financial impact that was going to have”
Justin Greene
Liberty Live, Norfolk, VA
“Confirmed that deferred maintenance was out of control and that there would be huge savings on utilities if we could ever get HVAC under control. “
Charles Reynolds
Hermitage Hills Baptist, Nashville, TN
“Expert valuations of deferred cost/dollars and appropriate annual budget requirements for facility, instead of just in-house estimates or historical basis”
Dwayne McDow
Summer Grove Baptist, Shreveport, LA

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