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Church Facility Consulting Services

Cool Solutions Group offers Facility Condition Assessments, Facility Management
Consulting & Training, and Master Planning & Project Management. 

In other words, we do the heavy lifting so you and your team can focus on your ministry.

Facility Management

Stewarding Your Facility In The Long Run

Facility Condition Assessments

  • When was the last time your church had a “physical?”
  • How does your operational efficiency compare to national averages?
  • Do you have Deferred Maintenance?
  • Are you spending too much on utilities or too little on general maintenance?
  • Do you have adequate facility staff?

Let’s check the health of your facility and determine your current condition and life cycle costs. We’ll assess energy/operational efficiency, review benchmarks, assess deferred maintenance as well as project your inevitable long-term life cycle expenditures.

Facility Management Consulting and Training

  • Is your facility staff properly trained?
  • Have you implemented best practices for cleaning and maintaining your facility?
  • How is the culture of your facility staff?
  • Do you have a Facility Manager or just a maintenance person?

Facility Use Consulting

Master Planning and Project Management for New Development or Renovation

Dream – Consulting for The Future of Your Church Facility

  • This intense process is designed to explore the WHO/WHAT/WHY to fulfill your vision
  • At the conclusion of this process, you will have a contextual direction of how your facilities, both current and future, can be the tool needed by your church.

Plan – Owner’s Rep Services During the Pre-Construction Process

  • You would not venture on an unknown journey without a skilled “guide.”
  • Our team of highly skilled professionals will provide guidance through the complex process of pre-construction decision making and project coordination

Build – Owner’s Rep to Guide You Through Your Project

  • Successfully completed building projects require a team that is focused on the process
  • This process allows you to continue to focus on your calling – Ministry!

Project Portfolio

“It’s been an amazing experience. From coaching us in our decision, selection of contractor, architect and interior designer they have been a full partner and now my friends. They represented us at every turn and the attention to detail was extraordinary.”
Frank Norwood
Executive Pastor, First Baptist Church of Matthews

How We're Different


A strong ministry requires a solid foundation and efficient planning. We ensure each solution embodies your mission DNA and enables the success of your team.


We will address any roadblocks, questions, and concerns you may encounter in a timely manner with respect to your 
busy schedule.


Our team has assisted thousands of churches, Christian schools, and ministries with the planning, development, management, and utilization
of their resources.

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