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As the leading Facility Management software provider for churches, we are constantly trying to meet the needs of the churches we serve. Our team is constantly listening to our clients and partners in order to remain agile to shift and adjust (No Titanic mindset here!).

Given the way all of us have had to pivot on how we have worship, small groups, staff meetings, Bible Studies and the like, our team has heard from many churches that wanted a way to schedule their "events" and keep them organized with their eSPACE Event Scheduler application. Who would have thought this was even a need 3-4 weeks ago? Well...things have changed...boy have they changed.

To meet this shift in how we are "doing church", we have made adjustments to assist your church utilize eSPACE to manage your virtual events. What is super exciting is that there is no extra cost for eSPACE subscribers. We have released this to all subscribers to utilize as they deem appropriate for their organization. As we made these changes, we not only considered the current state of affairs, but also looked down the road and how virtual meeting are likely to become a mainstay for many of us.

Let me describe how this works.

When entering an event, now Is this Event Offsite? has been changed to Is this Event Offsite/Virtual? with Neither, Offsite and Virtual as options (Neither is selected by default)




When selecting Virtual, you can enter a link to an online meeting.



Once you Submit your event, it will appear on the Dashboard with a new tag that says VIRTUAL EVENT.



After your event is fully approved, it will also appear on the Calendar as VIRTUAL EVENT.



To connect to your Virtual Event right from eSPACE simply click on the Event Name, then click on the Summary Tab and the link will appear as a clickable hyperlink.





  • It might be helpful to create an Event Category called Virtual to help you with reporting and filtering.
  • Additionally, you can select Public and enter your online meeting link into the Public Link field to have it appear on your Public Calendar as a clickable hyperlink.


If you are not already an eSPACE subscriber and are looking for an effective way to manage your physical and virtual events, contact us HERE.

P.S. Are you feeling uncertain regarding your facility, finances and operations during this time? To help serve the church during this pandemic, we have partnered with Blueline Team and other experts in their field to help educate and create a plan of action for your church. To join this FREE webinar, click here to register!


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