The Facility Management Platform to prevent missing another event, work order or scheduled maintenance. 

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eSPACE Facility Management Platform is trusted by over 1,200 organizations nationwide


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Our founder has over 30 years of experience consulting on church and facility construction projects.

When you use eSPACE, efficiency goes up and staff workload goes down


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Facility Management Platform

eSPACE is built to integrate seamlessly into your facility environment, providing integrations with leading HVAC, door access control, digital signage and other building systems. Following the BACnet and other integration protocols, eSPACE covers the majority of IoT needs for most facilities. 

Work Order Management

Create, Assign and track work orders with ease.

“The eSPACE app has allowed us to move away from using paper notes on clipboards to an entirely digital system that we can use to track work order completion, as well as time of completion and who completed it.!”
– Adam D., Compass Bible Church

Facility System Integrations (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) made easy for your facility

Getting Started with eSPACE is easy 


We get it, It’s hard to manage a growing church or facility

Here are common concerns we hear. Does any of this sound familiar to you? 

“I need a central source for all our work orders”
My facility manager is retiring soon! What do I do? 
“Google Calendar can’t manage the number of spaces and events we have”
“I need multiple public and private calendars for our facility ”
“I need my event calendar to be integrated with my doors and HVAC”
“I need help tracking maintenance history”
“I need a way to track our inventory and assets”
“Pen and paper is no longer enough to manage our building”
“I need a way to plan for deferred maintenance”
“I need a way to free up my facility manager”

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