Is Ideal Impact Still Ideal?

LED bulbs can reduce utility bill

Does Ideal Impact really help save you money on your utility bill?

Have you ever purchased a product or service that appeared to be ideal, to later have buyers regret or searching for ways to cancel or get out of the deal?

Maybe you were sold on something that didn't quite live up to expectations?

What We Hear

We hear this regularly from churches (mainly in the great state of Texas) who thought they had found energy efficiency nirvana via a company called Ideal Impact to later find that they had committed to a service that might not be delivering what was expected.

So what if a company offered to share energy savings (like 95% to the company) with your church if you made a 5 year commitment. 

Based on customer feedback, we are learning that the impact may not be so ideal…

They would come in and install some thermostats or a controls interface (I.e. a JACE) to help “control” your energy usage at “no cost.” And in return they will take up to 95% of your energy savings over 5 years.

Those savings they provide also come from light selection reduction. Some of their clients that we have worked with complained because yes they could save money with less lighting, but it would lead to a dark room with less of a “welcome” for first time guests.

But is it worth it?

After The Contract

Well what happens after the contract? The way we have understood it from the clients they have worked with is they either need to return the equipment after the contract, or they need to pay the company monthly to keep what they have provided (which are typically antiquated controllers that need updating anyway).

If your church can use a JACE,  you might invest $6,000-10,000.

If you integrated your new JACE with the COOLSPACE module from eSPACE, you would invest another $3,000 and $600 a year ($1,800 in 3 years).

That means your total investment is $14,800 over 3 years.

Return On Investment

If your facility is 100,000 SF with an average of $1.50 a SF ($150,000 annually) what would a 20% savings be over 3 years? That would be $45,000!

What we have seen is most churches that move to the HVAC integration with eSPACE, is a 10-30% reduction in utilities.

Using the above example, with a savings of $45,000 and an investment of $14,800…that is a 300% return on the investment. What sweetens the deal (vs what others sell as “ideal”) is that YOU own the equipment and YOU realize the return on investment. There are no carrots dangled or strings attached. You make an investment…and you make the return on that investment.

However…to realize the savings, you need to change behavior. 

How Does It Work With eSPACE?

eSPACE has it's own Event Scheduler that integrates directly with your HVAC. Not only can you control temperature based on events on the calendar, but you can also:

  • Track setup/teardown details
  • Utilize real-time conflict detection
  • Create setup configurations
  • Inventory your resources
  • Automatically notify other support services when needed
  • Generate work orders and further track your assets

eSPACE also has a mobile app that makes scheduling easy on the go for your staff. Why piece meal your systems together when you can have a one-stop shop?

Popular Controllers We Recommend With eSPACE

We have some a number of different controllers installed by Ideal Impact, and a few of them are outdated and antiquated, while others we would actually recommend as well.

Below you can find two of our favorite ways to integrate your HVAC with your calendar system:

Pelican Wireless

Pelican Wireless provides excellent thermostats and other equipment that have an API integration with eSPACE Event Scheduler. They are not WiFi stats, but connect to the internet via a wireless mesh gateway which isn't just helpful from a security point of view, but this is also great for large facilities with spotty WiFi.

You can simply map which thermostats are controlled by which rooms in your calendar, and the HVAC will turn on/off automatically. If you cancel the event last minute, it cancels the HVAC schedule appropriately as well.

Pelican Wireless also offers other products such as their PM5 Power Module to integrate with lights which can also be tied in with eSPACE to automate your facility even further.

Tridium / Niagara JACE

The Java Application Control Engine (JACE) is the mechanism that provides this connectivity to systems within a building. By connecting common network protocols such as LonWorks, BACnet, and Modbus, along with many proprietary networks a unified system without seams emerges. (Solidyne)

We are big fans of the Niagara Framework and can integrate with a JACE by providing a driver. This is another great option to integrate with your HVAC, but make sure to speak with a certified Niagara professional to ensure it is compatible with your system!

In Summary

If you have hardware that was installed by Ideal Impact, we would love to hear from you! Reach out to see if the system you have no is compatible so we can help you automate your HVAC based on events in the calendar.

If we can be of any assistance, please let us know.

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