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While technology has taken over most of our personal and professional lives, the art of "reading" should never be lost. Reading is an essential part of any human growth. I have heard the term used that "Leaders are Readers." I believe that...but if we subscribe to that phrase, we must also grasp that EVERYONE is a leader in some form or fashion...which means we all need to be reader.

Last year I read a wide variety of books on spiritual growth, humility (still have a lot more reading to do on this topic), productivity, entrepreneurial, leadership, marketing, facility trends, software...and a number of other topics that interested me.

Now, make no mistake...I am not a reading machine like Mark Batterson or Dr. Thom Rainer. I do not consume a book every few days. In fact, they usually take me several weeks...or longer. And "books" are not all I read. I read blogs, articles, research papers, eBooks and the like. I even have a subscription to a mobile app called Blinkist that condenses books into a summary that takes about 15-20 minutes to digest (great tool to refresh your mind on previously read books or to get a snapshot on one you intend to read.

So...what are YOU reading? If you need some ideas, at least related to you ministry facility, let me make some biased suggestions:

1. Smart Church Solutions Blog - if you are already reading it...congratulations!!!  If not, you can sign up HERE.

2. Church Facility Stewardship Manual - Does your church meet in a facility (rented or owned)? Do you believe God has entrusted the care and stewarding of those facilities to you (or your church)? Are you proactive and intentional with these efforts?  This nearly 300 page exhaustive tool provides: Facility Management Checklists – Facility Maintenance Ideas – Facility Team Job Descriptions – Templates – Glossary of Terms – Best Practices – Process, Procedures, & Tips – Articles and Helpful Content.  Once sold for $199 plus shipping, we are now offering this title as a one time digital download for only $49.95!  Please check out our free Downloadable Tools as well that also highlight this amazing manual that you absolutely must have for your all your facility management needs! To get yours click HERE.

3. Plan 4 It - Few challenges unsettle church leaders like facility expansions. The problem is much bigger than simply figuring out what to build. Tim Cool reveals how churches can properly execute a comprehensive master plan. Plan 4 It shows the process of implementing the vision of four key master plans: Ministry, Finance, Facility, and Sustainability. Unlike anyone else in his field, Cool has a knack for writing about technical details in a relatable way. You will learn and laugh as you read this book. Get the book HERE.

4. Why Church Buildings Matter - The church campus tells a story. Stories are all around us, in virtually every aspect of our daily experiences, which means that our church and ministry facilities also tell a story. Tim Cool offers a unique perspective on the importance of church buildings. These buildings are vastly more important than most understand. The church campus and the story of the people in the church go hand-in-hand and are interwoven into each other. We cannot neglect the power of story and how our church facilities communicate a story. In this book, several key questions about church facilities are answered: How does church space support the story of the people? How does the church space prime the heart, minds, and emotions of your guests? How does your facility bring people into the story of the church? Get this resource HERE.

5. The Four Buckets of Church Facility Budgeting - If your church has a facility, then you have been entrusted with the care and stewarding of your ministry tool. That means that you will have to set budgets, hire personnel, plan for capital replacement and so much more. In fact, next to your overall staffing costs, your facility related budgets will be the second or third largest expenditures and will also be your largest physical asset. This resource is a tremendous guide to help you determine what your budgets should be and the various buckets monies should be allocated. Operational budgeting is not rocket science, but it must be INTENTIONAL. Get this resource HERE.

6. Establishing a Capital Reserve Account - Almost every component of your facilities will have to be replaced at some point. Do you have an action plan? INTENTIONAL organizations plan today for tomorrow’s costs. That’s why it’s critical you establish a capital reserve account now. Get this resource HERE.

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