I am going to date myself...but how many of you remember the TV show "Dragnet?"  What was Sgt. Joe Friday's commonly repeated line?

“All we want are the facts, ma’am”

Well, when it comes to making decisions about your ministry facility, truer words have not been spoken. But what facts are important? That is a great question and the answers may surprise you, but the following are critical "facts" that every church should ask and answer as they consider the condition of their existing facilities as well as any expansion or building project.

First, let's look at the facts we should address related to existing facilities. The fact is that at least 99% of all churches in the United States have a facility of some sort. Given that, the concepts of Facility Stewardship must be addressed and taken very seriously. Facility Stewardship IS NOT OPTIONAL! If we believe that all things on earth belong to God, then we have been entrusted to steward what is His...not ours.


  1. What would be the first impression of our facility by a first-time guest?
  2. Do we have any deferred maintenance?
  3. If so, how much and what is the plan to address it?
  4. How much are we spending on facility operational costs such as utilities, general maintenance, and janitorial services?
  5. Do we know how these operational costs compare to other churches?  Are we spending too much or too little?
  6. Are we current with critical life safety issues (emergency light batteries operational, AED batteries current, first-aid kits current, unobstructed egress paths, elevator inspections, fire extinguisher inspections, SDS manual updates, etc, etc, etc?
  7. Do we have ADA or accessibility issues?
  8. Are we properly staffing our facility operations team?
  9. How many facility team members do we need?
  10. Do we have a capital reserve fund and is it adequate to provide the funds for the inevitable life cycle replacement costs?
  11. How much capital reserves should we have on hand?

If you are not able to answer all of the above and then set a plan to intentionally address these items, then you may need to have a Facility Condition Assessment performed to help jump-start your understanding of the FACTS.

We can help with that, and SO much more! We're here for you, let's talk.


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