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Are you a Worship Leader?  What does that title really mean and who falls into that category?

As I shared a couple weeks ago, I served as the Interim Minister of Music for a church in Charlotte, NC for a couple years.  I was responsible to lead congregational singing (from behind a pulpit...wearing a suite and tie), song selections, special music selections, choir specials, orchestra specials, seasonal events, etc.  So...was I a "Worship Leader?"

I would say yes...but not a very good one given what I know today.

The term Worship Leader is actually relatively new (last 15-20 years). I don't think Bach was called a worship leader.

So, who falls into that category?  Here are some other terms that I believe are used:

  1. Minister of Music
  2. Choir Director
  3. Worship Pastor
  4. Choir Master
  5. Lead Musician
  6. Music Team Leader
  7. Music Pastor
  8. Precentor
  9. Cantor appears that the title can be a number of things, but at the crux of the is all about leading others in worship regardless of the style of music and religious tradition.

Worship leaders are an essential part of a church and their services. Worship leaders are responsible for helping people immerse themselves into worship and get settled in to hear the sermon. They help stitch all the elements together to create beautiful tapestries of sound for the congregation. But more specifically, what does a worship leader do?

The very act of leading worship is not as easy as it looks. It requires many hours of practice, careful selection of music, and the ability to work with a diverse and constantly changing team of worship members, and to play instruments or sing. A church worship leader helps the worship team (again...this can be called many choir, ensemble, etc) work together to make the music flow in a way that glorifies God to the max.

The role and responsibility of a "worship leader" is significant and in many cases is far more entailed than just having musical skills.

To that end, our team has partnered with Kenny Lamm to provide you with a new and FREE eBook on this topic -A Week in the Life of a Worship Leader

Kenny is the senior consultant for the Worship and Music Team at the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. Previously, he served 23 years as worship pastor of Front Street Baptist Church in Statesville, North Carolina. Under his leadership, the church experienced worship renewal and became a model for many churches seeking to transform and improve their worship services.

Kenny is a frequent worship clinician and guest worship leader. His heart for the nations has also taken him to international fields of service. He has led worship conferences and outreach events with North Carolina Baptist worship teams throughout Malaysia, Singapore and two other Asian countries. Kenny also spent a summer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, working with churches in worship renewal. Revisions of the curriculum developed for these events continue to be used extensively in equipping worship leaders in churches today around the world and are currently published in English and Chinese.

Kenny received his bachelor’s degree in music from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He also has his master’s degree in church music from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, where he was a Rice-Judson Scholar and completed doctoral-level classes in worship to receive the Advanced Graduate Certificate in worship studies from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary in Chicago, Illinois.

If you are a worship leader, or any of the other titles used above, you are going to want to download this free resource and share it with your team.  You will be encouraged and may see things in a new light.

Click HERE to download your copy.


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